About us

Our story

In the heart of Israel's bustling music scene, Yojanan Peretz embarked on a journey like no other. As an immigrant (Ole Jadash) in the Holy Land, his dreams extended far beyond, fueled by a passion for music that knew no bounds.

Upon arrival, Yojanan found himself immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Israeli culture, yet something was missing. In the rhythm of the desert winds and the echoes of ancient melodies, he sensed an opportunity waiting to be seized.

Driven by the desire to merge his Latin roots with his new home, Yojanan embarked on a quest to bring the soulful sounds of mariachi to the land flowing with milk and honey. With his devoted wife by his side, they dared to dream the unimaginable: to establish the first professional mariachi band in Israel.

Their journey was not without challenges. From navigating unfamiliar musical terrain to overcoming cultural barriers, Yojanan and his wife persevered, driven by a shared vision of spreading joy through music.

As the months passed, their dedication bore fruit. The streets of Israel came alive with the vibrant sounds of mariachi, as Yojanan's band captured the hearts of audiences from all walks of life.

But one of their greatest triumphs awaited them in the bustling streets of Guadalajara, Mexico. In 2022, they received the highest honor: an invitation to represent Israel at the prestigious International Mariachi and Charro Festival. Amidst the applause of the Mexican audience, they stood firm, a testament to the power of music to transcend borders and unite hearts.

However, their journey was far from over. With each new day came a new melody, a new collaboration bridging the gap between cultures. From traditional Jewish songs infused with mariachi flair to iconic Israeli anthems reimagined with a Mexican touch, Yojanan and his band pushed the limits of what was possible.

And so, their story continues to unfold, a symphony of courage, creativity, and camaraderie. Because in the hands of Yojanan Peretz and his mariachi band, music becomes more than just notes on a page: it becomes a bridge that connects souls across oceans and generations.

Our attire

You can count on the most authentic custom:Suits made from the best Cashmere cloth, with custom made inlaid buttons handmade by a tailor in Mexico!

Our Mexican custom made Mariachi Sombreros come with the traditional wide-brim. We use the traditional cowboy boots and our belts have come with a custom made traditional embroidery with a belt buckle with our group name embroidered as well.

This image and appearance mirror the Mariachi groups that one can find in Mexico's cities and old town.

Our instruments

Our Instruments:-The Vihuela (small guitar type)-The Guitarrón (large bass guitar type) Constructed handmade by a Mexican Luther, these give the proper sound of the Mariachi music.

Until today there has not existed an authentic, professional and legit Mariachi in Israel. One that will provide proper and optimal service in totality.

Why choose us?

Aside from a fresh, joyous, live, participatory show headed by our musicians and an authentic ingenious Mexican sound there is:

Scenography, Staging, Raw Talent, Real Style, Ambience, Harmony

To provide style and experience so that your special occasions become really special. To immortalize, that the memories never become erased even in your present moments.