"Shalom Alechem" Adorns Itself with Mariachi in a Unique Production by Mariachi Jerusalem

A new and exciting interpretation of the song "Shalom Alechem" is about to make history on September 14th.

9/9/20231 min read

[Jerusalem, September 10, 2023]: A new and thrilling interpretation of the song "Shalom Alechem" is set to make history on September 14th. In an exceptional collaboration, the renowned Mariachi Jerusalem, along with Israeli singer Lidor Ram Mesika, presents their unique version of this melodious song, infusing the richness of mariachi tradition into one of the most iconic melodies of the Jewish repertoire.

Mariachi Jerusalem, known for their musical prowess and passion for blending genres, has invested months of hard work in producing this rendition, promising to deliver a truly moving musical experience. "Shalom Alejem" has been an anthem of peace and Shabbat welcome in Jewish culture, and the mariachi interpretation adds a new exotic dimension.

The original "Shalom Alechem" is a traditional welcoming song sung at Friday night dinner to usher in the Shabbat, the Jewish holy day. Mariachi Jerusalem's version reinterprets the melody with vihuela, guitars, guitarrón, and violins, in addition to the characteristic passion of mariachi, all while maintaining the spirit of peace and harmony embodied by the song.

Yojanan Peretz, Director of Mariachi Jerusalem, expressed his excitement about this unique collaboration: "This is the first time the Mariachi-style version of the Shalom Alejem melody is coming to light; it's part of our contribution to bringing traditional Jewish music to a new mariachi color."

The song will be available on streaming platforms on September 14th.

Join us in celebrating this exciting collaboration between Jewish tradition and the vibrant world of mariachi. Discover the beauty of music that brings people together and celebrates universal peace.

For more information and to coordinate interviews with Mariachi Jerusalem, please contact the email address info@mariachijerusalem.com.

About Mariachi Jerusalem: Mariachi Jerusalem is a prominent mariachi group that has captivated audiences with their passion for music and their ability to blend different musical styles. Based in Jerusalem, Mariachi Jerusalem has been at the forefront of the mariachi scene and continues to inspire through their music.

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